• Welcome to the internet home of TNT Executive Services. We serve both corporate and nonprofit organizations with a variety of risk management solutions employing investigative and security specialists from around the world.

    Investigations and Security
  • TNT Executive Services is a leader in asset protection. Proven strategies for loss prevention, audio-video surveillance, insurance audits, security reviews, and the transfer of risk.

    Asset Protection
  • Companies worldwide are losing billions of dollars annually due to avoidable losses. TNT Executive Services assists clients with internal fraud, corporate and executive protection, and vulnerability assessments.

    Risk Management
  • The art of successful threat assessments is the recurrent cycle. Leniency and/or complacency can have disastrous effects that jeopardize every mission.

    Threat Assessment
  • 1.Fundamentals: Body language is 55 percent of communications. That’s your walk, posture, facial expressions and eye contact. Awareness is being alert to your surroundings at all times. Intuition is when the hair on the back of your neck stands on end. Voice tone and pitch equal 35 percent of communications. The way a person communicates… [Continue Reading]

    Safety Tips
  • Public Figure Security is not a matter to be taken lightly. Entertainers, politicians, professional sports figures, and all high net-worth individuals can fall victim to harassment and violence up to and including murder and kidnapping.

    Public Figure Security
  • Personal safety is of utmost importance for everyone. Not only random acts of violence, but anyone can be effected by additonal hazards we encounter every day.  Consider exposure to all elements from healthcare to emergency services to your food supply. At TNT Executive Services we can assist you with: Threat Assessments Residential Security Transportation and… [Continue Reading]

    Personal Safety
  •     Corporate Security should be every business’s concern.  Inventory theft, supply chain loss of logisitics, competitive tactics from colleagues within same industries.  Every entity needs to protect or be prepared for: Intellectual Property Executive Protection Background Investigations Due Diligence Disaster Recovery Asset Management Workforce Reductions

    Corporate Security

Who We Are

About TNT Executive Services, LLC TNT Executive Services, LLC is a full service consulting firm specializing in Risk Management, Executive Protection, and Security Consulting. Our emphasis is to proactively mitigate our clients’ exposure to potential threats – whether physical, intellectual, or circumstantial. Our services are available to, and in use by, government agencies, corporate


Investigations / Security

TNT Executive Services provides security consulting and private investigation services throughout the state of Washington from Seattle to Yakima to Spokane. Other services performed include bodyguards, executive protection, intelligence countermeasures, dignitary security and protection, background checks, due diligence reports, and comprehensive risk management solutions.


Church Security

Many churches, temples, other faith based institutions, and many nonprofit organizations tend to take their overall safety and security programs very lightly.  Because of their respective causes for good will and charity, they often breed a naive understanding of the real dangers that surround us every day. The start of the 21st century began to show an upward trend of both random and